ArcObjects Library Reference (Geometry)  

IZCollection Interface

Provides access to operations on Z-aware geometries.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


IZCollection supports operations performed on a collection of geometry objects that have Z values.  For IZCollection operations to be performed, the object must be ZAware and have non-NaN Zs.

When To Use

If you are using a development language that does not support C style arrays, use IGeometryBridge instead. The IGeometryBridge interface solves that problem allowing you to pass safe arrays instead.


Method MultiplyZs Multiplies all the Z values by a factor.
Method OffsetZs Offsets all the Z values by an offset value.
Read-only property ZMax The maximum Z value.
Read-only property ZMin The minimum Z value.

CoClasses that implement IZCollection

CoClasses and Classes Description
MultiPatch A collection of surface patches.
Multipoint An ordered collection of points; optionally has measure, height and ID attributes.
Polygon A collection of rings ordered by their containment relationship; optionally has measure, height and ID attributes.
Polyline An ordered collection of paths; optionally has measure, height and ID attributes.

See Also

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