ArcObjects Library Reference (GeoDatabaseUI)  

ITableViewCallback Interface

Provides access to events that occur for which a client of the table can act upon and provide information.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.


Method AbortEditOperation Abort an edit operation.
Method EnableEditUndoRedo Enable/Disable Undo/Redo.
Method RedrawFeatureLayer Redraw feature layer (ie, when features are deleted, etc).
Method RefreshDisplay Refresh all screen caches.
Method RefreshSelection Refresh graphics for selected table or selection when viewing the full table.
Method Search Returns a cursor on the FeatureLayer or Table.
Method SelectionChange Selection has been changed.
Method ShowRelationshipTable Show the destination relationship table with origin table selection.
Read-only property SpatialReference Current Spatial Reference.
Method StartEditOperation Start an edit operation.
Method StopEditOperation Stop an edit operation.