ArcObjects Library Reference (GeoDatabaseUI)  

ICalculator Interface

Provides access to members that calculate field values in a table.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.

When To Use

Use ICalculator interface whenever you wish to update field values in a table, which may be either a stand-alone table or the attribute table of a featureclass.


Method Calculate Performs the calculation by executing the pre-expression and expression.
Write-only property Callback The call back routine.
Write-only property Cursor Cursor used to access the rows on which the calculation will be performed.
Read/write property Expression Expression or value applied to a field in each row of the cursor.
Write-only property Field Field to perform the calculation on.
Read/write property PreExpression A pre-calculation determination of a value or variable that may be used as the expression (or value) of the calculation.
Read/write property ShowErrorPrompt Indicates whether to show a message prompt when an error occurs during calculation.

CoClasses that implement ICalculator

CoClasses and Classes Description
Calculator Calculator engine which is used by the UI and can be used independently.

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