ArcObjects Library Reference (GeoDatabaseUI)  

esriTableViewOptions Constants

TableView options in the table UI.

Constant Value Description
esriTVOptionNoOptionSelected -1 No option is selected
esriTVOptionShowSQLWindow 0 Shows the SQL attribute window, allowing users to select records via SQL.
esriTVOptionShowFindReplaceWindow 1 Show the find & replace window.
esriTVOptionSelectAll 2 Selects all the rows in the table.
esriTVOptionUnselectAll 3 Unselects all the rows in the table.
esriTVOptionSwitchSelection 4 Switches/inverts the current selection.
esriTVOptionShowAppearanceWindow 5 Show the appearance window, which allows the user to change the selection colour, etc.
esriTVOptionShowAddFieldWindow 6 Shows the dialog that allows users to add fields.
esriTVOptionShowMakeGraphWindow 7 Shows the dialog that allows uses to make a graph from the given table.
esriTVOptionAddTableToLayout 8 Adds the current table to the layout.
esriTVOptionShowExportTableWindow 9 Show the export table, that allows users to export only the rows of a table.
esriTVOptionReloadCache 10 Reloads the cached records. This is the same as calling ITableControl::RemoveAndReloadCache().
esriTVOptionPrintTable 11 Prints the table.
esriTVOptionCreateReport 12 Creates a Report of the table.
esriTVOptionCreateCrystalReport 13 Creates a Crystal Report of the table.
esriTVOptionTableProperties 14 Brings up the table properties dialog.
esriTVOptionAutoResizeColumns 15 Resizes all columns to their default width.
esriTVOptionUnHideAllColumns 16 Unhides all columns that had been hidden previously - Sets all field visibility flags to true.
esriTVOptionAliasNameToggle 17 Toggles the column headers from field name to field alias and vice versa.
esriTVOptionResetFieldOrder 18 Reset the default field order.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.