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GdbImporter CoClass

Esri Geodatabase Importer object.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.

Supported Platforms

Windows, Solaris, Linux

Extended Error Information

Use the ISupportErrorInfo method InterfaceSupportsErrorInfo to determine if the object supports extended error information. If the object supports extended error info, VC++ developers should use the OLE/COM IErrorInfo interface to access the ErrorInfo object. Visual Basic developers should use the global error object Err to retrieve this extended error information.


Interfaces Description
IGdbXmlImport Provides access to members that support importing a geodatabase from XML.
ISupportErrorInfo Indicates whether a specific interface can return Automation error objects.

Event Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IFeatureProgress (default) Provides access to members used to handle events from converting featureclass/table.
IOperationProgress Provides access to members that monitor the progress of an operation such as exporting geodatabase to XML.


Use the GdbImporter coclass when you wish to import schema and data or schema from a resulting XML document to an PGDB or ArcSDE geodatabase.  See the IGdbXMLImport methods for more on getting information about importing resulting XML document to geodatabase.

Working with Events

[Visual Basic 6.0]

When working with GdbImporter's default outbound interface in Visual Basic 6 declare variables as follows:

Private WithEvents pGdbImporter as GdbImporter

When implementing IOperationProgress declare variables as follows:

Private WithEvents pOperationProgress as OperationProgress

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