ArcObjects Library Reference (GeoDatabaseDistributed)  

GdbExporter CoClass

Esri Geodatabase Exporter object.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.

Supported Platforms

Windows, Solaris, Linux


Interfaces Description
IGdbXmlExport Provides access to members that support exporting a geodatabase to XML.
IXMLDocumentVersion Provides access to members that control the version of the XML documents being generated.

Event Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IFeatureProgress (default) Provides access to members used to handle events from converting featureclass/table.
IOperationProgress Provides access to members that monitor the progress of an operation such as exporting geodatabase to XML.
IGdbXmlExportEvents Provides access to callback events when exporting geodatabase to XML.


Use the GdbExporter coclass when you wish to export schema and data or just schema from a geodatabase to an XML document.  Once the XML document is created, information about the PGDB or ArcSDE geodatabase is stored in XML and can be imported back to a PGDB or ArcSDE geodatabase.  See the IGdbXMLExport methods for more on getting information about exporting geodatabase.

Working with Events

[Visual Basic 6.0]

When working with GdbExporter's default outbound interface in Visual Basic 6 declare variables as follows:

Private WithEvents pGdbExporter as GdbExporter

When implementing IOperationProgress declare variables as follows:

Private WithEvents pOperationProgress as OperationProgress

When implementing IGdbXmlExportEvents declare variables as follows:

Private WithEvents pDataChangesExporter as DataChangesExporter

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