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DataChangesExporter CoClass

Exports edits in a check-out geodatabase or modified rows in versions to a delta file.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.

Supported Platforms

Windows, Solaris, Linux


Interfaces Description
IExportDataChanges Provides access to members that export edits from versions or a check-out geodatabase to a delta file.
IExportDataChanges2 Provides access to members that export edits from a version or from a check-out, one way or two way replica to a data changes file.


The DataChangesExporter coclass allows you to export edits in a replica, or edits between source and target versions, or edits defined in geodatabase tables and feature classes to a delta file.

Delta Files

A delta file contains data edits that can be exchanged between geodatabases or between geodatabases and non-geodatabase data stores.  The edits can come from a check-out geodatabase, modified rows between source and target versions or a custom application. In additon to edits, delta files created from a check-out geodatabase store the ID and GUID of the check-out.

You can export edits from one geodatabase to a delta file and then send the file to another location where the edits can be imported into another geodatabase. Other components can be used to transfer changes directly without using delta files. However, direct transfer requires connectivity to both geodatabases at once. Also, since delta files contain only edits, they are relatively small in size and easy to transport.

Supported delta file formats are XML (Delta XML file) and delta database (.mdb file). The delta XML format is a published format while the delta database format is a proprietary format.

A delta file can be a full model type or a simple model type .

A full model type delta file indicates that all reactive geodatabase behavior was executed at edit time. This requires a full geodatabase editor like the one provided in ArcMap. With the full model, no additional geodatabase behavior is applied when the edits are imported because it has already been applied with the geodatabase editor.  These types of delta files can be used in systems where all data sources involved are geodatabases.

A simple model type delta file assumes that the edits were not made by a reactive geodatabase editor. When importing from a simple model type, the reactive behavior is applied during the import. These types of delta files are useful in systems where some of the data sources involved are not geodatabases. For example, you may want to apply edits made in a shapefile or a non-ArcGIS data format to your geodatabase.


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