ArcObjects Library Reference (GeoDatabase)  

NetWeight CoClass

A container for defining a weight on the network.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.

Supported Platforms

Windows, Solaris, Linux


Interfaces Description
IClone (esriSystem) Provides access to members that control cloning of objects.
INetWeight Provides access to members that get information about the network weight described by this NetWeight object.
INetWeightEdit Provides access to members that set information for this NetWeight object.
IPersistStream (esriSystem)
IXMLSerialize (esriSystem) Provides access to members that XML serialize and deserialize an object to/from XML.


Certain network features can have weights associated with them to further refine the network analysis performed by trace tasks. There are two main kinds of weights: ratio weights and categorical weights.

Ratio weights are associated with feature attributes that reflect the cost to traverse, either partially or in its entirety, a network feature. The values of a ratio weight are proportioned across the length of the network feature. Examples of ratio weights in a network include the length of a pipe in a water network and the time to travel a segment of road in a street network. Ratio weights are used by certain trace tasks that return a cost value. For example, the FindPath trace solver finds the path of minimal cost, based on the weight specified.

Categorical (or nominal) weights are associated with feature attributes that classify the feature. They are used to restrict tracing on specific features based on a certain attribute value. Examples of categorical weights in a network include the "Phase" attribute in circuits, the pipe diameter in a water network, and road classification in a street network.

Bitgate weights are a special kind of categorical weight. They allow multiple binary attributes to be specified in a single bitgate value. The bitgate size is the number of binary attributes represented by the bitgate value. The maximum bitgate size is 31.

For more information on weights, please see the ArcGIS Network Weight Model technical document.

The NetWeight object is used for establishing and viewing existing weights on a logical network. The NetWeight object is used to define the category of weight to use, while NetWeightAssociation objects are used to specify the fields with each feature class that will participate in the particular weight.