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IUtilityNetwork.EstablishFlowDirection Method

Sets the flow direction of all edge elements based on the placement of sources and sinks.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Sub EstablishFlowDirection ( _
    ByVal SourceCount As Integer, _
    ByRef sourceEIDs As Integer, _
    ByVal sinkCount As Integer, _
    ByRef sinkEIDs As Integer _
public void EstablishFlowDirection (
    int SourceCount,
    ref int sourceEIDs,
    ref int sinkCount,
    ref int sinkEIDs
HRESULT EstablishFlowDirection(
  long SourceCount,
  long* sourceEIDs,
  long sinkCount,
  long* sinkEIDs


SourceCount [in]   SourceCount is a parameter of type long sourceEIDs [in]   sourceEIDs is a parameter of type long sinkCount [in]   sinkCount is a parameter of type long sinkEIDs [in]   sinkEIDs is a parameter of type long

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


EstablishFlowDirection will set the flow direction for the entire network based on the input sources (starting points) and/or sinks (collection points).  In the majority of cases your network will have either sources or sinks, but not both.  Having both sources and sinks in your network will often lead to indeterminate flow on the edge elements.  Any edge elements that cannot be reached from the specified sources and/or sinks will have uninitialized flow.

The flow direction established on the edges will be based on these possible values:


This operation requires that you make the network editable. You can do this either through an edit session, using the Editor, or you can use the IWorkspaceEdit interface to edit the workspace of the logical network.


This method is not callable from C#.  Please use IUtilityNetworkGEN::EstablishFlowDirection.

[Visual Basic .NET]

This method is not callable from VB.NET.  Please use IUtilityNetworkGEN::EstablishFlowDirection.

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