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IUtilityNetwork Interface

Provides access to members that get and set flow direction in a utility network. Note: the IUtilityNetwork interface has been superseded byIUtilityNetwork2. Please consider using the more recent version.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.

When To Use

Use the IUtilityNetwork interface for establishing flow direction for your network. You can also use this interface to check the flow direction for a particular element and change the flow direction on a particular element.


Method CreateForwardStar Creates a forward star cursor on the network index.
Method CreateNetBrowser Creates a network index element browser.
Read-only property EdgeCount Number of edges in the network.
Method EstablishFlowDirection Sets the flow direction of all edge elements based on the placement of sources and sinks.
Method GetFlowDirection Returns the flow direction of the specified edge element.
Read-only property JunctionCount Number of junctions in the network.
Read-only property MaxDegree Maximum degree of a junction.
Read-only property MaxTurn Maximum number of turns associated with a junction.
Method SetFlowDirection Sets the flow direction for the specified edge element.
Read-only property Status Status of the network.
Read-only property TurnCount Number of turns in the network.
Read-only property ValidFlowDirection Indicates if the flow direction is valid for this utility network.

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
INetwork Provides access to members that give general information about the network and its elements.


The only elements in a network that can have flow are edge elements. Junction elements do not have flow.

Flow is maintained in the logical network and not the geometric network. Unlike creating flags, which is done on a feature in the geometric network, changing flow direction on individual elements requires that you directly manipulate the logical network.

This operation requires that you make the network editable. You can do this either through an edit session, using the Editor, or you can use the IWorkspaceEdit interface to edit the workspace of the logical network.


Not all members are callable from C#.  Please use IUtilityNetworkGEN instead.

[Visual Basic .NET]

Not all members are callable from VB.NET.  Please use IUtilityNetworkGEN instead.

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.NET Samples

Set flow by digitized direction (Code Files: SetFlowByDigitizedDirectionVBNet)