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ITopologyRuleContainer Interface

Provides access to members that return and set topology rules.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Method AddRule Adds a topology rule.
Read-only property CanAddRule Indicates if the topology rule can be added to the topology.
Method DeleteRule Deletes a topology rule.
Method DemoteFromRuleException Demotes a topology error from an exception to an error.
Method PromoteToRuleException Promotes a topology error to an exception.
Read-only property Rule The topology rule with the corresponding ID.
Read-only property RuleByGUID The rule with the globally unique ID.
Read-only property Rules An enumeration of all the topology rules.
Read-only property RulesByClass An enumeration of all the rules for a given class.
Read-only property RulesByClassAndSubtype An enumeration of all the rules for a given class and subtype.

CoClasses that implement ITopologyRuleContainer

CoClasses and Classes Description
Topology Esri Topology object.


The ITopologyRuleContainer interface provides access to members for adding, removing and returning topology rules from a topology.  This interface also provides access to members that control the promotion and demotion of topology errors and exceptions.

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