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ITopologyContainer.CreateTopology Method

Creates a new topology.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Function CreateTopology ( _
    ByVal Name As String, _
    ByVal ClusterTolerance As Double, _
    ByVal maxGeneratedErrorCount As Integer, _
    ByVal ConfigurationKeyword As String _
) As ITopology
public ITopology CreateTopology (
    string Name,
    double ClusterTolerance,
    int maxGeneratedErrorCount,
    string ConfigurationKeyword
HRESULT CreateTopology(
  BSTR Name,
  double ClusterTolerance,
  long maxGeneratedErrorCount,
  BSTR ConfigurationKeyword,
  ITopology** Topology


Name [in]   Name is a parameter of type BSTR ClusterTolerance [in]   ClusterTolerance is a parameter of type double maxGeneratedErrorCount [in]   maxGeneratedErrorCount is a parameter of type long ConfigurationKeyword [in]   ConfigurationKeyword is a parameter of type BSTR Topology [out, retval]

  Topology is a parameter of type ITopology

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


The CreateTopology method creates a topology with the specified name, cluster tolerance, maximum allowable number of errors to be generated and for ArcSDE, with the supplied configuation keyword. When a topology is initially created, it is empty with no participating feature classes or rules.

The ITopologyContainer::DefaultClusterTolerance property should be used to return the default or recommended cluster tolerance for a topology. The ITopologyContainer::MaximumClusterTolerance property can be used to return the maximum cluster tolerance for a topology. You cannot specify a cluster tolerance larger than the maximum or smaller than the minimum or default cluster tolerance. As such, if the specified cluster tolerance is less than the DefaultClusterTolerance for the feature dataset, then the Topology will be created with the default cluster tolerance value. If the specified cluster tolerance is larger than the MaximumClusterTolerance, the topology will be created with the maximum cluster tolerance.

Using the CreateTopology method to create a topology within a geodatabase that supports Z cluster tolerances, will result in a topology with a ZClusterTolerance of 0.

Starting at version 9.2, cluster tolerance values should match the feature dataset's tolerance values.

The maxGeneratedErrorCount parameter specifies the maximum number of errors validate will generate before stopping. Setting a value of -1 indicates there is no limit to the number of errors that will be generated.

The configurationKeyword parameter allows the application to control the physical layout for this table in the underlying RDBMS—for example, in the case of an Oracle database, the configuration keyword controls the tablespace in which the table is created, the initial and next extents, and other properties. The configurationKeywords for an ArcSDE instance are set up by the ArcSDE data administrator, the list of available keywords supported by a workspace may be obtained using the IWorkspaceConfiguration interface. The configurationKeyword parameter is not mandatory when building a topology in an ArcSDE Geodatabase, an empty string can be specified, in which case the topology will be built using the default configuration.

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