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ISubtypes Interface

Provides access to members that return and modify subtype information.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


ISubtypes interface is implemented by the ObjectClass class and is used to maintain information about subtypes for the object class. Subtypes can be removed, added, and retrieved using this interface. Default subtypes and subtypecodes can be set for the object class here as well.

When To Use

The ISubtypes interface is the main interface for managing the subtypes, default values and attribute domains of an object class. For example, use the ISubtypes interface to create new subtypes, delete subtypes and assign an attribute domain for a particular field of a subtype. ISubtypes is an interface implemented by the ObjectClass class.


Method AddSubtype Adds the subtype to the set of associated subtypes.
Read/write property DefaultSubtypeCode The default subtype associated with the class.
Read/write property DefaultValue The default value for the associated attribute.
Method DeleteSubtype Deletes the subtype from the set of associated subtypes.
Read/write property Domain The domain given the subtype and field.
Read-only property HasSubtype Indicates if the table has subtypes.
Read-only property SubtypeFieldIndex The subtype field index.
Read/write property SubtypeFieldName The subtype field name.
Read-only property SubtypeName The subtype name.
Read-only property Subtypes The subtypes associated with the class.

CoClasses that implement ISubtypes

CoClasses and Classes Description
FeatureClass Esri Feature Class object.
ObjectClass Esri Object Class object.
RouteEventSource (esriLocation) Route event source object.
SchematicDiagramClass (esriSchematic) Schematic diagram class object.
SchematicElementClass (esriSchematic) Schematic element class object.
SchematicInMemoryFeatureClass (esriSchematic) Schematic in memory feature class object.
TemporalRecordSet (esriTrackingAnalyst) Defines the COM coclass for the TemporalRecordSet COM object.
XYEventSource XY event source object.

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