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IRepresentationWorkspaceExtension Interface

Provides access to members that supply representation workspace extension information.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.

When To Use

Use IRepresentationWorkspaceExtension when you need to create a new feature class representation, connect and edit an existing feature class representation, or find information about a feature class representation present in a workspace.



Method CreateRepresentationClass Creates a representation class.
Read-only property FeatureClassHasRepresentations Indicates if the feature class has representations.
Read-only property FeatureClassRepresentationNames Representation class names associated to a given feature class.
Method OpenRepresentationClass Opens a representation class.
Read-only property RepresentationClassNames Representation class names defined in the workspace.

CoClasses that implement IRepresentationWorkspaceExtension

CoClasses and Classes Description
RepresentationWorkspaceExtension Workspace extension to support representations in a geodatabase.


Use IRepresentationWorkspaceExtension interface to create and manage feature class representations.

The GUID value for representation workspace extension is: {FD05270A-8E0B-4823-9DEE-F149347C32B6}

RepresentationClassNames returns an enumerator over all feature class representation names  present within a workspace extension. For enterprise geodatabases, this property will return all representation classes belonging to all users including the ones that are not owned by the database user.

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