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IRelQueryTableName Interface

Provides access to members that define a relationship query table name. Note: the IRelQueryTableName interface has been superseded byIRelQueryTableName2. Please consider using the more recent version.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Read/write property DoNotPushJoinToDB Indicates if the join is processed on the client.
Read/write property ForwardDirection Indicates if the originPrimaryClass of the RelationshipClass is the SourceTable.
Read/write property LeftOuterJoin Indicates if the type of join will be a left outer join.
Read/write property RelationshipClassName The name object for the RelationshipClass that defines the RelQueryTable.
Read/write property SrcQueryFilter A QueryFilter applied to a cursor opened from the RelQueryTable.
Read/write property SrcSelectionSet A SelectionSet applied to a cursor opened from the RelQueryTable.
Read/write property TargetColumns The destination dataset columns available in a cursor opened from the RelTableTable.

CoClasses that implement IRelQueryTableName

CoClasses and Classes Description
RelQueryTableName A name class that represents a RelQueryTable.


The IRelQueryTableName interface contains properties that correspond to the parameters used with the IRelQueryTableFactory::Open method.

The following code shows how to create a new RelQueryTable from a RelQueryTableName object. The function takes a MemoryRelationshipClassName object. To find how to create a MemoryRelationshipClassName, see the help for IMemoryRelationshipClassName.

The IDataset::FullName method can be used on an existing RelQueryTable object to get a corresponding RelQueryTableName object.

See the IName interface topic for more information on Name objects in general.


    public IRelQueryTable CreateJoin(IMemoryRelationshipClassName memoryRelationshipClassName)
        IRelQueryTableName relQueryTableName = new RelQueryTableNameClass();
        relQueryTableName.RelationshipClassName = (IName)memoryRelationshipClassName;
        relQueryTableName.ForwardDirection = true;
        relQueryTableName.DoNotPushJoinToDB = true;
        relQueryTableName.TargetColumns = "";
        relQueryTableName.LeftOuterJoin = true;
        relQueryTableName.SrcQueryFilter = null;
        relQueryTableName.SrcSelectionSet = null;
        IName name = (IName)relQueryTableName;
        return (IRelQueryTable)name.Open();

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