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IRelatedObjectEvents.RelatedObjectSetMoved Method

Notifies this object that a set of objects with relationships to the input set of objects moved.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Sub RelatedObjectSetMoved ( _
    ByVal RelationshipClass As IRelationshipClass, _
    ByVal objectsThatNeedToChange As ISet, _
    ByVal objectsThatChanged As ISet, _
    ByVal moveVector As ILine _
public void RelatedObjectSetMoved (
    IRelationshipClass RelationshipClass,
    ISet objectsThatNeedToChange,
    ISet objectsThatChanged,
    ILine moveVector
HRESULT RelatedObjectSetMoved(
  IRelationshipClass* RelationshipClass,
  ISet* objectsThatNeedToChange,
  ISet* objectsThatChanged,
  ILine* moveVector


RelationshipClass [in]

  RelationshipClass is a parameter of type IRelationshipClass

objectsThatNeedToChange [in]

  objectsThatNeedToChange is a parameter of type ISet

objectsThatChanged [in]

  objectsThatChanged is a parameter of type ISet


  moveVector is a parameter of type ILine

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


The RelatedObjectSetMoved method is called when a set of objects in the related object class has moved. The objectsThatChanged argument represents the set of objects in the related object classes that have moved.

The objectsThatNeedToChange argument is a set of objects in this object's class that are related to the objects that moved. The object executing this method will itself be a member of the objectsThatNeedToChange set.

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