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IRasterWorkspaceEx Interface

Provides access to members that create and open raster catalogs and datasets.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Method CreateRasterCatalog Creates a new raster catalog.
Method CreateRasterDataset Creates a new raster dataset.
Method DeleteRasterCatalog Deletes a raster catalog.
Method DeleteRasterDataset Deletes a raster dataset.
Method OpenRasterCatalog Opens an existing raster catalog.
Method OpenRasterDataset Opens an existing raster dataset.
Method RegisterAsRasterCatalog Registers as a RasterCatalog.
Method RegisterAsRasterDataset Registers as a RasterDataset.
Method SaveAsRasterDataset Creates a new raster dataset from another seed Raster.

CoClasses that implement IRasterWorkspaceEx

CoClasses and Classes Description
Sde4Workspace (esriDataSourcesGDB) Esri SDE (4.x) Feature Database.
Workspace Workspace Object.


The IRasterWorkspaceEx interface works with raster datasets and raster catalogs in the geodatabase. It allows the creation of new raster datasets and raster catalogs in the geodatabase, it also opens and deletes existing raster datasets and raster catalogs in the geodatabase. The IRasterWorkspaceEx interface also allows saving a given raster to a raster dataset in the geodatabase. Its counterpart is IRasterWorkspace and IRasterWorkspace2 that works with file-based rasters.

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