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IGeometricNetworkConnectivity.RebuildConnectivity Method

Incrementally rebuilds connectivity for features within and intersecting the specified envelope.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Sub RebuildConnectivity ( _
    ByVal incrementalRebuildArea As IEnvelope _
public void RebuildConnectivity (
    IEnvelope incrementalRebuildArea
HRESULT RebuildConnectivity(
  IEnvelope* incrementalRebuildArea


incrementalRebuildArea [in]

  incrementalRebuildArea is a parameter of type IEnvelope

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


If network connectivity errors are found within the geometric network, they can generally be corrected through the use of the RebuildConnectivity method.  This method takes an envelope which should contain the network features for which connectivity should be rebuilt.  The RebuildConnectivity method does not check for invalid connectivity, it will remove and then rebuild the connectivity of any feature contained within or intersecting the specified envelope.  It is a computationally expensive operation and can take a significant amount of time to complete if executed against a large number of network features.  The envelope should also be as small as possible, it is faster to call RebuildConnectivity on two small areas rather than one large area that encompasses both smaller areas. RebuildConnectivity should not be used to establish connectivity between valid network features. To establish connectivity, use INetworkFeature::Connect .

There are instances when RebuildConnectivity will not be able to rebuid the connectivity for network features. For this reason, IGeometricNetworkConnectivity::RebuildConnectivity2 should be used in place of RepairConnectivity .


Errors Returned

RebuildConnectivity will return an error when it is attempted on network features outside of an edit session.

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