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IEdgeFeature Interface

Provides access to members that modify and return information about an edge feature.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Method DisconnectAtEndpoint Perform the disconnection at either or both of the endpoint.
Method DisconnectAtJunction Perform the disconnection at the specified junction.
Read-only property FromJunctionEID The junction element EID that corresponds to the from endpoint.
Read-only property FromJunctionFeature The junction that corresponds to the from endpoint.
Read-only property FromToJunctionEIDs The FROM and TO junction element EIDs (the first is the FROM, the second is the TO).
Read-only property GeometryForEdgeElement The geometry corresponding to the element with the given subID.
Read-only property ToJunctionEID The junction element EID that corresponds to the to endpoint.
Read-only property ToJunctionFeature The junction that corresponds to the to endpoint.
Method Update Programmatic update of the NetworkFeature.

CoClasses that implement IEdgeFeature

CoClasses and Classes Description
ComplexEdgeFeature Esri Complex edge geometric network feature object.
SimpleEdgeFeature Esri Geometric network simple edge feature object.


Use the IEdgeFeature interface to get information about an edge feature as well as to disconnect an edge feature from a geometric network.  The IEdgeFeature interface should not be used as a means to traverse the network.  IEdgeFeature should only be used to return the connectivity information for features connected to the specific edge feature.  Using the IEdgeFeature interface to navigate through the network will be extremely slow and cumbersome.  For traverses through the network use the IForwardStar interface on the Network Object Model.

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