ArcObjects Library Reference (GeoDatabase)  

IComplexEdgeFeature.GeometryForEID Property

The geometry (polyline) corresponding to the edge EID.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Function get_GeometryForEID ( _
    ByVal edgeEID As Integer _
) As IGeometry
public IGeometry get_GeometryForEID (
    int edgeEID
HRESULT get_GeometryForEID(
  long edgeEID,
  IGeometry** Geometry


edgeEID [in]   edgeEID is a parameter of type long Geometry [out, retval]

  Geometry is a parameter of type IGeometry

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


The GeometryForEID property allows clients to obtain the portion of the complex edge’s geometry that corresponds to a specified EID. This is useful for network solvers in particular.

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