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IComplexEdgeFeature Interface

Provides access to members that return information about a complex edge feature.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Method ConnectAtIntermediateVertices Attempt to connect at the locations corresponding to intermediate vertices.
Read-only property GeometryByPoints The geometry associated with the two points.
Read-only property GeometryForEID The geometry (polyline) corresponding to the edge EID.
Read-only property JunctionFeature The JunctionFeature associated with the index.
Read-only property JunctionFeatureCount The number of connected JunctionFeatures.
Method SplitEdgeElement Inserts the specified JunctionElement into an edge at the point.

CoClasses that implement IComplexEdgeFeature

CoClasses and Classes Description
ComplexEdgeFeature Esri Complex edge geometric network feature object.


The IComplexEdgeFeature interface is supported on a ComplexEdgeFeature.  Complex edge features correspond to features with polyline geometry that are part of a geometric network. They have two or more connected junction features— with one at each endpoint of their polyline geometries being the minimum number. They may also have any number of connected mid-span junction features.  Connecting a junction feature to a ComplexEdgeFeature does not result in a physical subdivision of the edge; instead, it results in a logical subdivision (that is, new edge elements in the logical network that are associated with the complex edge).

The geometry of ComplexEdgeFeatures may not be self-intersecting; there may be discontinuities with the geometry (they may be multipart), and the geometry may not have the same start and stop vertex (that is, a closed loop).

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