ArcObjects Library Reference (GeoAnalyst)  

IReclassOp.Slice Method

Slices a range of values of the input cells by zones of equal area or equal interval.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Function Slice ( _
    ByVal GeoDataset As IGeoDataset, _
    ByVal sliceType As esriGeoAnalysisSliceEnum, _
    ByVal zoneCount As Integer, _
    [ByRef baseZone As Object] _
) As IGeoDataset
public IGeoDataset Slice (
    IGeoDataset GeoDataset,
    esriGeoAnalysisSliceEnum sliceType,
    int zoneCount,
    ref object baseZone

Optional Values

baseZone   To indicate that this parameter is undefined, first define a variable object Missing = Type.Missing; then pass this in as ref Missing.
  IGeoDataset* GeoDataset,
  esriGeoAnalysisSliceEnum sliceType,
  long zoneCount,
  VARIANT* baseZone,
  IGeoDataset** outGeoDataset


GeoDataset [in]

  GeoDataset is a parameter of type IGeoDataset

sliceType [in]

  sliceType is a parameter of type esriGeoAnalysisSliceEnum

zoneCount [in]   zoneCount is a parameter of type long baseZone [optional]   baseZone is a parameter of type VARIANT

  To indicate this parameter is undefined pass a reference to a VARIANT with type VT_ERROR and scode value of DISP_E_PARAMNOTFOUND.

outGeoDataset [out, retval]

  outGeoDataset is a parameter of type IGeoDataset

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.



an input Raster, RasterDataset, RasterBand, or RasterDescriptor

The values contained in this Raster will be the values that are sliced.


An esriGeoAnalysisSliceEnum specifying the manner in which to slice the values in the input geoDataset.

EsriGeoAnalysisSliceEqualArea -  EqualArea specifies that the input values will be divided into the number of zones specified by zoneCount with each zone having a similar number of cells - each zone represents a similar amount of area.

EsriGeoAnalysisSliceEqualInterval - The EqualInterval slice determines the range of the input values and divides the range into zoneCount. Each zone on the sliced output raster has the potential of having input cell values that have the same range from the extremes.

EsriGeoAnalysisSliceNaturalBreaks -  The NaturalNeighbor slice specifies that the classes will be based on natural groupings inherent in the data. Break points are identified by picking the class breaks that best group similar values and maximize the differences between classes. The cell values are divided into classes whose boundaries are set where there are relatively big jumps in the data values


Defines the number of zones that should be used with the calculations for the slicing method.

When the sliceType EqualArea is used, the output raster will have zoneCounts with similar numbers of cells. When the sliceType EqualInterval is used, the output Raster will have zoneCounts, each containing equal value ranges on the output raster. When the sliceType NaturalBreaks is used, the output raster will have zonesCounts, with the number of cells in each determined by the class breaks


When the sliceTypes EqualArea,  EqualInterval and NaturalBreaks are used, the number that is input for the baseZone identifies the value to begin assigning to the output sliced zones. The zones will begin with the value assigned to the baseZone and increment by 1.

If no base zone is specified, slice will begin the assignment at value 1.

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