ArcObjects Library Reference (GeoAnalyst)  

IReclassOp.ReclassByRemap Method

Reclassifies (or changes) the values of the input cells of a raster by using a remap that is built programmatically.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Function ReclassByRemap ( _
    ByVal GeoDataset As IGeoDataset, _
    ByVal Remap As IRemap, _
    ByVal retainMissingValues As Boolean _
) As IGeoDataset
public IGeoDataset ReclassByRemap (
    IGeoDataset GeoDataset,
    IRemap Remap,
    bool retainMissingValues
HRESULT ReclassByRemap(
  IGeoDataset* GeoDataset,
  IRemap* Remap,
  VARIANT_BOOL retainMissingValues,
  IGeoDataset** outGeoDataset


GeoDataset [in]

  GeoDataset is a parameter of type IGeoDataset

Remap [in]

  Remap is a parameter of type IRemap

retainMissingValues [in]   retainMissingValues is a parameter of type VARIANT_BOOL outGeoDataset [out, retval]

  outGeoDataset is a parameter of type IGeoDataset

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.



the input Raster, RasterDataset, RasterBand, or RasterDescriptor


the input remap object that supports IRemap interface.  If reclassifying number or string values use the NumberRemap or StringRemap objects respectively.


a Boolean specifying whether to keep missing values in the analysis.

If TRUE, values that have been omitted are given a NODATA value in output raster

If FALSE, values that have been omitted are retained and unchanged in the output raster.

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