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IDockableWindowManager Interface

Provides access to a method that finds a dockable window in the application.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.


A dockable window is a window that can exist in a floating state or be attached to the main application window. The Table of Contents in ArcMap and the Tree View in ArcCatalog are examples of dockable windows.

When To Use

The Application object implements the IDockableWindowManager interface that is used to get access to a particular dockable window. The GetDockableWindow method finds a dockable window using the UID of the dockable window.


Method GetDockableWindow Finds a dockable window looking first in the collection and then in the category.

CoClasses that implement IDockableWindowManager

CoClasses and Classes Description
Application (esriArcCatalog) Esri ArcCatalog Application.
Application (esriArcGlobe) Esri ArcGlobe Application.
Application (esriArcMap) Esri ArcMap Application
Application (esriArcScene) The 3D Modeling Application.


The following code finds the ArcMap Table of Contents dockable window and, if it's currently visible, the TOC is docked on the right side of the application. You would get m_app from the hook in ICommand::OnCreate().

IDockableWindowManager pDocWinMgr = m_app as IDockableWindowManager;
UID uid = new UIDClass();
uid.Value = "{368131A0-F15F-11D3-A67E-0008C7DF97B9}";
IDockableWindow pTOC = pDocWinMgr.GetDockableWindow(uid);
if (pTOC.IsVisible())
[Visual Basic .NET]
Dim pDocWinMgr As IDockableWindowManager = TryCast(m_app, IDockableWindowManager)
Dim uid As UID = New UIDClass()
uid.Value = "{368131A0-F15F-11D3-A67E-0008C7DF97B9}"
Dim pTOC As IDockableWindow = pDocWinMgr.GetDockableWindow(uid)
If pTOC.IsVisible() Then
End If

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