ArcObjects Library Reference (Framework)  

IDockableWindowInitialPlacement Interface

Provides initial placement for dockable windows.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.


A dockable window's initial representation including height, width, dock position and neighbor can be set through this interface.

When To Use

To set the dockable window's initial representation, you would implement IDockableWindowInitialPlacement on the object that implents IDockableWindowDef.


Read-only property DockPosition The location where this dockable window should dock by default.
Read-only property Height The default height of the dockable window in pixels.
Read-only property Neighbor An alternate dockable window this dockable window should dock relative to.
Read-only property Width The default width of the dockable window in pixels.

CoClasses that implement IDockableWindowInitialPlacement

CoClasses and Classes Description
ArcToolboxDockWnd (esriGeoprocessingUI)
CreateFeatureDockWin (esriEditor) Esri create features window.
ErrorWindow (esriEditorExt) Esri topology error inspector.
GxBrowserDockWindow (esriCatalogUI) The Catalog window dockable window.
IdentifyWindow (esriArcMapUI) Esri map identify window.
SharedFeaturesDockWindow (esriEditorExt)
TableDockWindow (esriArcMapUI) Table dock window
TOCDockableWindow (esriArcMapUI) Esri TOC Dockable Window.
UnplacedAnnotationWindow (esriEditor) Esri unplaced anno window.


This interface is consulted only when the first time the dockable window is being introduced to the system. If the dockable window has already been shown once, the settings through this interface won't apply any more.

To clear the dockable window's states, the application template should be deleted. For example, to clear the dockable window's states in ArcMap, normal.mxt should be removed.