ArcObjects Library Reference (Framework)  

IDockableWindowImageDef Interface

Provides access to members that define a dockable window's image.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.


A dockable window can have an image which will appear on the tab when the dockable window is unpinned or grouped.

When To Use

To support images on dockabe windows, you would implement IDockableWindowImageDef on the object that implents IDockableWindowDef to hand back the image.


Read-only property Bitmap The bitmap for the dockable window.

CoClasses that implement IDockableWindowImageDef

CoClasses and Classes Description
ArcToolboxDockWnd (esriGeoprocessingUI)
CreateFeatureDockWin (esriEditor) Esri create features window.
ErrorWindow (esriEditorExt) Esri topology error inspector.
GPCommandWindow (esriGeoprocessingUI)
GxBrowserDockWindow (esriCatalogUI) The Catalog window dockable window.
IdentifyWindow (esriArcMapUI) Esri map identify window.
SharedFeaturesDockWindow (esriEditorExt)
TableDockWindow (esriArcMapUI) Table dock window
TOCDockableWindow (esriArcMapUI) Esri TOC Dockable Window.
UnplacedAnnotationWindow (esriEditor) Esri unplaced anno window.


This interface allows you to set an image on a dockablewindow. The image will appears on the tab when the dockable window is unpinned or grouped.