ArcObjects Library Reference (Framework)  

IApplicationStatusEvents Interface

Provides access to events fired by application.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.


Run-time user interface customizations should not be made before the application framework has fully initialized itself; the framework provides the IApplicationStatusEvents::Initialized event to signal when the framework has initialized as well as the IApplicationStatus::Initialized property that returns the currrent state.


Event Initialized Fired when the application UI is initialized.

CoClasses that implement IApplicationStatusEvents

CoClasses and Classes Description
Application (esriArcCatalog) Esri ArcCatalog Application.
Application (esriArcGlobe) Esri ArcGlobe Application.
Application (esriArcMap) Esri ArcMap Application
Application (esriArcScene) The 3D Modeling Application.
ApplicationStatusEvents Helper coclass for working with the nondefault outbound IApplicationStatusEvents interface in VB.