ArcObjects Library Reference (Framework)  

IAcceleratorTable Interface

Provides access to members that modify the accelerator table.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.


An AcceleratorTable is an object that contains a list of accelerator keys and the command identifiers associated with them.


Method Add Adds a new accelerator to the accelerator table.
Read-only property Count The count of accelerator items in the table.
Method Find Finds the accelerator object/s currently associated with the specified command ID.
Method FindByKey Finds the accelerator object associated with the specified key combination.
Read-only property Item The accelerator object at the specified index.

CoClasses that implement IAcceleratorTable

CoClasses and Classes Description
AcceleratorTable Accelerator Table Object.


Use the IDocument::Accelerators property to get access to the AcceleratorTable.

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