ArcObjects Library Reference (EditorExt)  

ITabletExt Interface

Provides access to the Tablet support extension.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.


Read/write property AlwaysShowAlternates Indicates whether the alternates dialog should be shown if the recognition confidence is high.
Read/write property AutoRecognizeInkGraphics Indicates whether Ink Graphics should automatically re-recognize themselves when updated.
Method Clear Deletes any active ink from the screen.
Read/write property GeneralizeInk Indicates whether the Ink should be generalized before any commit.
Read-only property InkCollectionMode Indicates if the extension is collecting ink.
Read-only property InkCollector The tablet extension's internal ink collecting object.
Read-only property InkGeometry The current Ink sketch as a geometry.
Read/write property PressureSensitiveStylus Indicates whether the stylus should be pressure sensitive.
Read/write property ProjectInkGraphicGeometry Indicates whether Ink Graphics should be rendered as polylines when projected.
Read/write property ScratchoutEnabled Indicates whether the scratch-out gesture should be enabled.
Method Start Starts obtaining ink from the stylus.
Method Stop Stops obtaining ink from the stylus.
Read/write property ToolCommitDelay The auto commit delay interval in seconds.
Read/write property ToolCommitType The ink tool commit type.

CoClasses that implement ITabletExt

CoClasses and Classes Description
TabletExt Tablet support extension object.


ITabletExt manages the state of ink collection in ArcMap. Use TabletExt to administer Tablet Toolbar options, clear the Ink sketch, or listen to ink events that happen on the map.