ArcObjects Library Reference (EditorExt)  

IObjectLoader Interface

Provides access to members that are used to load an object to an existing featureclass or table.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.


Method LoadObjects Loads an object into an existing object class.

CoClasses that implement IObjectLoader

CoClasses and Classes Description
ObjectLoader Loads data into an existing object class.


The ISelectionSet object that the IObjectLoader::LoadObjects method returns is empty if the applyValidation argument is False. If this argument is True, validation is performed, and the ISelectionSet object returned contains the invalid features.

The IQueryFilter::SubFields MUST match the IObjectLoader::OutputFields. If loading features the subfields MUST include the Geometry field.

All fields must have there IsNullable and Editable parameters set to TRUE or the attribute loading will fail.

Field mapping

The order of the fields in the inputTable and outputTable is not important. Field mapping done through the inputQueryFilter::SubFields and the outputFields properties. In this case order is important. The first field in the inputQueryFilter::SubFields maps to the first field in the outputFields, the second in the inputQueryFilter::SubFields maps to the second field in the outputFields and so on. Fields not contained in the inputQueryFilter::SubFields will not be mapped. Mapped field types must be compatible. Text to text, numeric to numeric, etc. Type mismatches will cause the interface to fail on execution.