ArcObjects Library Reference (EditorExt)  

IChooseObjectFromObjectsUI Interface

Provides access to members that display a dialog, that allow you to choose an object from a list.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.


Write-only property Cursor Input Cursor.
Method DoModal Show object selection dialog. Dialog will only show if there are 2 or more features to display.
Write-only property ExceptionList IDs in this list will not be shown in the dialog. Optional argument.
Write-only property Layer Layer of object. Used to display the object according to the layers settings. Optional argument.
Read-only property Object Object selected in the dialog, or the one object in the cursor after the exception list was applied.
Write-only property WindowTitle Title of the window. Default: Select an object.

CoClasses that implement IChooseObjectFromObjectsUI

CoClasses and Classes Description
ChooseObjectFromObjectsUI The object chooser from many objects.


This interface and its members are used internally within Spatial Adjustment.