ArcObjects Library Reference (EditorExt)  

ESRITPCGestures Constants

Ink gesture enumeration. These codes are returned by the OnGesture event when a particular gesture is recognized.

Constant Value Description
ETPC_DownLeft 0 Down left gesture.
ETPC_RightUp 1 Right up gesture.
ETPC_Scratchout 2 Scratchout gesture.
ETPC_ChevronLeft 3 Chevron left gesture.
ETPC_ChevronRight 4 Chevron right gesture.
ETPC_ChevronUp 5 Chevron up gesture.
ETPC_ChevronDown 6 Chevron down gesture.
ETPC_SemiCircleLeft 7 Semicircle left gesture.
ETPC_SemiCircleRight 8 Semicircle right gesture.
ETPC_ArrowLeft 9 Arrow left gesture.
ETPC_ArrowRight 10 Arrow right gesture.
ETPC_ArrowUp 11 Arrow Up gesture.
ETPC_ArrowDown 12 Arrow Down gesture.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.