ArcObjects Library Reference (EditorExt)  

ErrorWindow CoClass

Esri topology error inspector.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.

Supported Platforms



Interfaces Description
IAcceleratorHook (esriFramework) Provides access to a means to decide if a virtual key should act as an accelerator.
IDockableWindowDef (esriFramework) Provides access to members that define a dockable window.
IDockableWindowImageDef (esriFramework) Provides access to members that define a dockable window's image.
IDockableWindowInitialPlacement (esriFramework) Provides initial placement for dockable windows.
ITopologyExtensionEvents Provides access to events that occur when working with a topology.


ErrorWindow provides access to control the Error Inspector window when working with topology errors inside ArcMap and to listen for events triggered by the TopologyExtension