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IEditSketch3.SetWYSIWYGSketchSymbol Method

The WYSIWYG Sketch symbol and its properties.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Sub SetWYSIWYGSketchSymbol ( _
    ByVal symbol As ISymbol, _
    ByVal isWYSIWYG As Boolean, _
    ByVal respectsRefScale As Boolean _
public void SetWYSIWYGSketchSymbol (
    ISymbol symbol,
    bool isWYSIWYG,
    bool respectsRefScale

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.

IEditSketch3 editSketch3 = m_editor as IEditSketch3;

//Create a new color

IRgbColor lineColor = new RgbColorClass();

lineColor.Red = 120;

//set up the line symbol

ILineSymbol lineSym = new MarkerLineSymbolClass();

lineSym.Color = lineColor;

lineSym.Width = 4;

ISymbol wiSymbol = lineSym as ISymbol;

//Setting the WYSIWG sketch symbol to be WYSIWYG as well as respect the ref scale.

editSketch3.SetWYSIWYGSketchSymbol(wiSymbol, true, true);

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