ArcObjects Library Reference (Editor)  

IEditProperties4 Interface

Provides access to more members that control the properties of an edit session.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.

When To Use

The IEditProperties4 interface is used to control the z editing capabilities of the editor. Properties include: ZCaptureType, UseZFactor, ZFactor, UseZOffset, ZOffset, UseZDrapingTolerance, ZDrapingTolerance, Draping, Surface and ZSnapSymbol.


Read/write property ActiveSelectedVertexSymbol Symbol used to draw the selected active vertex of the edit sketch.
Read/write property ActiveSketchVertexSymbol Symbol used to draw the selected vertices of the edit sketch.
Read/write property ClassicSnapping Indicates whether the classic editing snapping will be used.
Read/write property ShowConstructionToolbars Indicates whether construction toolbars will be displayed while drawing a sketch.
Read/write property SnapToSketch Indicates whether the sketch will be added to the snapping cache. It is used when not using classic snapping.
Read/write property UseWYSIWYGSketchSymbol Indicates whether the sketch is drawn with WYSIWYG symbology.

CoClasses that implement IEditProperties4

CoClasses and Classes Description
Editor The Object Editor Extension.