ArcObjects Library Reference (Editor)  

IEditor3 Interface

Provides access to methods that extend the IEditor interface. The additional members control the behavior of the template construction and snapping.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.


Method AbortOperation Aborts an edit operation.
Method AddTemplates Adds the specified edit template. The template was created with the EditTemplateFactory.
Read-only property AuxiliarySelectionAnchor The auxiliary selection anchor.
Read/write property AuxiliarySelectionAnchorEnabled Indicates whether the selection anchor is drawn.
Method CreateSearchShape Creates a geometry using the point and the current search tolerance.
Read/write property CurrentTask The current edit task.
Read/write property CurrentTemplate The current edit template.
Method DelayEvents Used to batch operations together and minimize notifications.
Read-only property Display Reference to the current display.
Read-only property EditSelection The selected features which are editable.
Read-only property EditState The editor's current edit state.
Read-only property EditWorkspace Reference to the workspace being edited.
Method EnableUndoRedo Enable/disable the undo/redo capabilities.
Method FindExtension Finds the extension given an id.
Method HasEdits Indicates whether edits have been made during the session.
Method InvertAgent Draws the editor's snapping agent.
Read-only property Location The last known location of the mouse.
Read-only property Map Reference to the map being edited.
Read-only property Parent Reference to the parent application.
Method RedoOperation Redo an edit operation.
Method RemoveAllTemplatesInLayer Removes all templates from the specified layer.
Method RemoveAllTemplatesInMap Removes all templates from the specified map.
Method RemoveTemplate Removes the specified edit template.
Method ResetAuxiliarySelectionAnchorLocation Places the auxiliary selection anchor near the main anchor.
Read-only property ScratchWorkspace Reference to the editor's scratch workspace.
Method SearchSelection Searches the edit selection using the given location.
Read-only property SelectionAnchor The selection anchor point.
Read-only property SelectionCount The number of selected features which are editable.
Method StartEditing Starts an edit session.
Method StartOperation Starts an edit operation.
Method StopEditing Stops an edit session.
Method StopOperation Stops an edit operation.
Read-only property Task An edit task by index.
Read-only property TaskCount The number of edit tasks.
Read-only property Template The edit template for the specified index.
Read-only property TemplateCount The number of edit templates.
Method TemplateModified Broadcasts the change to the rest of the system.
Method UndoOperation Undo an edit operation.

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IEditor2 Provides access to methods that extend the IEditor interface. The additional members control the behavior of the auxiliary selection anchor.
IEditor Provides access to members that control the behavior of the editor.

CoClasses that implement IEditor3

CoClasses and Classes Description
Editor The Object Editor Extension.

.NET Samples

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