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ISymbolArray Interface

Provides access to members that work with an array of symbols.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Method AddSymbol Adds a symbol to the array.
Method ClearSymbols Removes all symbols from the array.
Method DeleteSymbol Delete the given symbol.
Method MoveSymbol Moves the given symbol to new index position.
Read/write property Symbol The symbol at the index position.
Read-only property SymbolCount The number of symbols.

CoClasses that implement ISymbolArray

CoClasses and Classes Description
BarChartSymbol Defines a bar chart symbol.
DotDensityFillSymbol Defines a dot density fill symbol, a data driven symbol commonly used with the dot density renderer.
PieChartSymbol Defines a pie chart symbol.
StackedChartSymbol Defines a stacked chart symbol.


You can use this interface to work with the properties of a data driven symbol that is comprised of other symbols. Chart symbols are an example of a data driven symbol, as are dot density fill symbols. These symbols are designed only to be used by a ChartRenderer and a DotDensityRenderer respectively.

ISymbolArray is a generic interface that provides access to members that manage the individual symbols that make up the data driven symbols mentioned above. For example, for a PieChartSymbol, Symbol(i) provides access to the fill symbol for the ith pie slice. When rendered, this slice is mapped to a particular field in the data whose value for a particular feature determines the size of the pie slice. For a dot density renderer, Symbol(i) represents the marker symbol used to represent the density of values in the ith field added to the DotDensityRenderer.

You can use MoveSymbol to change the order of the individual symbols that make up a chart symbol or dot density fill symbol. For example, changing the order of symbols for a BarChartSymbol changes the order that bars/columns will appear on the map.