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IStyleGalleryClass Interface

Provides access to members that control the Style Gallery Class.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


The IStyleGalleryClass interface gives you access to the class Name, Description, and type of new objects that can be created with the class. Using this interface, you can create new style items using the EditProperties of an item, then draw a Preview of the item to a window.


Read-only property Description Description for the Style Gallery Class.
Method EditProperties Edits the properties of a Style Gallery Item of the supported class.
Read-only property ItemClass Interface ID for the items in the class.
Read-only property Name Name of the Style Gallery Class(as in the stle file).
Read-only property NewObject Creates a new object of the specified type.
Read-only property NewObjectTypes The available types of new items in this class.
Method Preview Draws a preview of a Style Gallery Item of the supported class.
Read-only property PreviewRatio The width ratio to 1 height.

CoClasses that implement IStyleGalleryClass

CoClasses and Classes Description
AreaPatchStyleGalleryClass (esriCarto) Use to create new Area Patch items.
BackgroundStyleGalleryClass (esriCarto) Use to create new Background style items.
BorderStyleGalleryClass (esriCarto) Use to create new Border style items.
ColorRampStyleGalleryClass (esriCarto) Use to create new Color Ramp items.
ColorStyleGalleryClass (esriCarto) Use to create new Color Symbol items.
FillSymbolStyleGalleryClass (esriCarto) Use to create new Fill Symbol items.
HatchStyleGalleryClass (esriLocationUI) Use to create new hatch style items.
LabelStyleGalleryClass (esriCarto) Use to create new Label style items.
LegendItemStyleGalleryClass (esriCarto) Use to create new Legend items.
LinePatchStyleGalleryClass (esriCarto) Use to create new Line Patch items.
LineSymbolStyleGalleryClass (esriCarto) Use to create new Line Symbol items.
MapGridStyleGalleryClass (esriCartoUI) Map Grid gallery class.
MaplexLabelStyleGalleryClass (esriCarto) Use to create new Maplex Label style items.
MarkerSymbolStyleGalleryClass (esriCarto) Use to create new Marker Symbol items.
NorthArrowStyleGalleryClass (esriCarto) Use to create new North Arrow symbols.
RepresentationMarkerStyleGalleryClass (esriCarto) Use to create new Representation Marker items.
RepresentationRuleStyleGalleryClass (esriCarto) Use to create new Representation Rule items.
ScaleBarStyleGalleryClass (esriCarto) Use to create new Scale Bar items.
ScaleTextStyleGalleryClass (esriCarto) Use to create new Scale Text items.
ShadowStyleGalleryClass (esriCarto) Use to create new Shadow style items.
TextSymbolStyleGalleryClass (esriCarto) Use to create new Text Symbol items.
VectorizationStyleGalleryClass (esriArcScan) Use to create new vectorization items.

.NET Samples

Custom Root Object (Style Gallery) (Code Files: clsGxStyleGalleryClass)

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