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IMarkerSymbol Interface

Provides access to members that control marker symbols.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


IMarkerSymbol is the primary interface for all marker symbols in ArcMap. All other marker symbol interfaces inherit the properties and methods of IMarkerSymbol.


Read/write property Angle Marker symbol angle.
Read/write property Color Marker symbol color.
Read/write property Size Marker symbol size.
Read/write property XOffset Symbol X-axis offset from point location.
Read/write property YOffset Symbol Y-axis offset from point location.

CoClasses that implement IMarkerSymbol

CoClasses and Classes Description
ArrowMarkerSymbol A marker symbol created from a predefined arrow.
BarChartSymbol Defines a bar chart symbol.
CharacterMarker3DSymbol (esri3DAnalyst) 3D Character Marker Symbol component.
CharacterMarkerSymbol A marker symbol based on a character from a font.
Marker3DSymbol (esri3DAnalyst) 3D Marker Symbol component.
MoleMarkerSymbol (esriDefenseSolutions) Mole Marker Symbol Class.
MultiLayerMarkerSymbol A marker symbol that contains one or more layers.
PictureMarkerSymbol A marker symbol based on either a BMP or an EMF picture.
PieChartSymbol Defines a pie chart symbol.
SimpleMarker3DSymbol (esri3DAnalyst) Simple 3D Marker Symbol component.
SimpleMarkerSymbol A marker symbol comprised of a predefined set of styles.
StackedChartSymbol Defines a stacked chart symbol.
TextMarkerSymbol (esriTrackingAnalyst) Class used to create a text marker symbol used to symbolize point geometries.

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