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IFormattedTextSymbol Interface

Provides access to members that control the formatted text symbol.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


IFormattedTextSymbol is the interface for creating text symbols that have robust character placement and background display properties.


Read/write property Angle Text baseline angle.
Read/write property Background The text background object.
Read/write property Case The text case.
Read/write property CharacterSpacing The character spacing.
Read/write property CharacterWidth The character width.
Read/write property Color Text color.
Read/write property Direction The text direction.
Read/write property FillSymbol The fill symbol.
Read/write property FlipAngle The flip angle.
Read/write property Font Text font.
Method GetTextSize Gets the x and y dimensions of 'text' in points (1/72 inch).
Read/write property HorizontalAlignment Horizontal alignment style.
Read/write property Kerning Indicates if kerning is on.
Read/write property Leading The character leading.
Read/write property Position The text position.
Read/write property RightToLeft Indicates if the text is drawn from right to left.
Read/write property ShadowColor The shadow color.
Read/write property ShadowXOffset The shadow X offset.
Read/write property ShadowYOffset The shadow Y offset.
Read/write property Size Text size.
Read/write property Text Text to draw.
Read/write property TypeSetting Indicates if typesetting is used.
Read/write property VerticalAlignment Vertical alignment style.
Read/write property WordSpacing The word spacing.

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
ITextSymbol Provides access to members that control text symbols.

CoClasses that implement IFormattedTextSymbol

CoClasses and Classes Description
TextMarkerSymbol (esriTrackingAnalyst) Class used to create a text marker symbol used to symbolize point geometries.
TextSymbol A symbol that controls how text is displayed.


Change the spread of characters in the text string by setting the CharacterSpacing property, which indicates the spacing between each character as a percentage. The default is 0, which indicates the standard character spacing, but values of -200 to 200 are valid. Lines of text can be spaced by setting the Leading property, whose units are Points.

You can change the case of every alphabetic character in the text string by setting the Case property to one of the esriTextCase constants.

You can also create subscript and superscript text by setting the Position property.

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