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IFillSymbol Interface

Provides access to members that control fill symbols.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


IFillSymbol is the genereric interface for properties common to ILineFillSymbol, IMarkerFillSymbol, IGradientFillSymbol, ISimpleFillSymbol, and IPictureFillSymbol.


Read/write property Color Fill color.
Read/write property Outline Line symbol of fill outline.

CoClasses that implement IFillSymbol

CoClasses and Classes Description
ColorRampSymbol (esriCarto) Esri ColorRampSymbol for raster rendering.
ColorSymbol (esriCarto) Esri ColorSymbol for raster rendering.
DotDensityFillSymbol Defines a dot density fill symbol, a data driven symbol commonly used with the dot density renderer.
GradientFillSymbol A fill symbol composed from a ramp of colors.
LineFillSymbol A fill symbol comprised of any of the supported line symbols.
MarkerFillSymbol A fill symbol comprised of any of the supported marker symbols.
MoleFillSymbol (esriDefenseSolutions) Mole Fill Symbol Class.
MultiLayerFillSymbol A fill symbol that contains one or more layers.
PictureFillSymbol A fill symbol based on either a BMP or an EMF picture.
RasterRGBSymbol (esriCarto) Esri RasterRGBSymbol for raster rendering.
SimpleFillSymbol A fill symbol comprised from a predefined set of styles.
TextureFillSymbol (esri3DAnalyst) Texture Fill Symbol component.


The Color property controls the color of the basic fill (SimpleFill, MarkerFill, GradientFill, and so on) and can be set to any IColor object.

The Outline property sets an ILineSymbol object, which is drawn as the outline of the fill symbol. By default, the outline is a solid SimpleLineSymbol, but you can use any type of line symbol as your outline.

Note that the outline is centered on the boundary of the feature, therefore, an outline with a width of 5 will overlap the fill symbol by a visible amount.

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