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IDynamicGlyph Interface

Provides access to handle to a resource that is used to render a dynamic symbol.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Method GetAnchor Indicates the origin of the glyph from the the bottom left.
Read-only property GlyphType Indicates the type of dynamic glyph.
Method QueryDimensions Returns the width and height, in pixels, of the glyph. The width of the text glyph will be the width of the space character.
Method SetAnchor Indicates the origin of the glyph from the the bottom left.

CoClasses that implement IDynamicGlyph

CoClasses and Classes Description
DynamicGlyph (esriCarto) Dynamic glyph class. A dynamic glyph is a handle to a resource that is used to render a dynamic symbol.


A Dynamic Glyph is a handle to a graphic resource that can be used by the Dynamic Symbol in order to render the Dynamic Symbol. Use the Dynamic Glyph Factory in order to create and delete Dynamic Glyphs.

In order to render a Dynamic Symbol using a Dynamic Glyph, use the IDynamicSymbolProperties.DynamicGlyph Property.

It is important to correctly manage the Dynamic Glyphs, in order to minimize the application memory usage. Incorrect management of Dynamic Glyphs will lead to over consumption of resources, and might result in poor performance and even application crash. Try to minimize the Dynamic Glyphs creation and reuse created Dynamic Glyphs as much as possible. For example, create a Dynamic Glyph from a white symbol, set the Dynamic Symbol’s glyph property to use the created Dynamic Glyph, and use the Dynamic Symbol’s color and scale properties, to render the Dynamic Symbol (that uses one created Dynamic Glyph) in different colors and sizes.

When a Dynamic Glyph is not in use anymore, use the IDynamicGlyphFactory.DeleteDynamicGlyph method to release the Dynamic Glyph’s resources.

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