ArcObjects Library Reference (DataSourcesRaster)  

IWorldFileExport Interface

Provides access to members that export Georeference information to a WorldFile.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.

When To Use

IWorldFileExport interface output the internal georeference information of a raster dataset to a world file.


Method Write Creates a World File.

CoClasses that implement IWorldFileExport

CoClasses and Classes Description
RasterDataset A representation of a raster dataset on disk.


The interface is used to write the internal georeferencing information of an image to a world file. The name of the word file is as same as the image file name except the file extension. The extension of the world file is the first letter and third letter of the image file extension plus "w". For example, if the image name is "redlands.tif", the world file of the image will be "readlands.tfw".

The world file stores an affine transformation in the following form:
    A  (x cell size )
    D  (rotation term)
    B  (rotation term)
    E  (negative y cell size)
    C  (x translation term in map coordinate)
    F  (y translation term in map coordinate)

which represents the following transformation:
x1 = Ax + By + C
y1 = Dx + Ey + F

This interface is not supported by a RasterDataset instance from an ArcSDE geodatabase or a File geodatabase.