ArcObjects Library Reference (CatalogUI)  

IGxView Interface

Provides access to members that control the GxView.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.


Method Activate Activates the view.
Method Applies Indicates if the view can display the given object.
Read-only property ClassID The class ID of the view.
Method Deactivate Deactivates the view.
Read-only property DefaultToolbarCLSID The class ID of the view's default toolbar. Not currently used.
Read-only property hWnd The view's window handle.
Read-only property Name The name of the view.
Method Refresh Refreshes the view.
Read-only property SupportsTools Indicates if the view supports tools.
Method SystemSettingChanged Informs the view that a system setting has changed.

CoClasses that implement IGxView

CoClasses and Classes Description
GxContentsView GxView that represents the contents view.
GxDataGraphView GxView that represents the data graph contents view.
GxDocumentationView GxView that represents the metadata view.
GxGeographicView GxView that represents the geographic view.
GxMSDFileView GxView that represents the MSDFile view.
GxPreview GxView that represents the preview.
GxRasterCatalogContentView The RasterCatalog content view.
GxRasterCatalogSubPropertyView The property sub-view of RasterCatalog.
GxTableView GxView that represents the table contents view.
GxTreeView GxView that represents the tree view.


A GxView must minimally support the IGxView interface, which ArcCatalog uses to negotiate with the view. It asks the view for an HWND to display through the hWnd property. It reparents this HWND so that it is a child of an ArcCatalog HWND, and guarantees events are passed to the HWND correctly, and that it is resized when the ArcCatalog window is resized. Developers wishing to create their own custom views must implement this interface.

Use the Activate property to hold on to the GxApplication and GxCatalog objects that are passed in as parameters. The Deactivate property is used to release these references.

DefaultToolbarCLSID provides a reference to the default toolbar for the particular view. The default toolbar for a view would contain tools that were appropriate for the current type of GxView.

If the SupportsTools property returns True, ArcCatalog will intercept mouse events normally destined for the view, and instead send them to the active tool.

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