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IGxDialog Interface

Provides access to members that control the GxDialog.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.


The IGxDialog interface is implemented by the GxDialog object and provides access to the properties of the dialog box object and methods for displaying the dialog box during open or save operations. Use this interface when you want to access the properties of the dialog box or when you wish to display the dialog box for input from the end user.

What the user can select or specify when using a GxDialog browser is based on the filters (GxObjectFilter) held by the object. The GxDialog object implements the IGxObjectFilterCollection interface. It provides access to the set of filters used by the GxDialog object. Even though a collection of filters can be attached to a GxDialog object, onlyone filter is actually active at a time. The active filter is specified through the dialog box when DoModalOpen or DoModalSave is executed through the IGxDialog interface. Use the IGxObjectFilterCollection interface when you want to remove all of the filters or when you want to add an additional filter to the object.

When To Use

Use the IGxDialog interface when you want to invoke a dialog to pick one or more GIS datasets or to save GIS data to disk.


Write-only property AllowMultiSelect Indicates if multiple items may be selected. False, by default.
Write-only property ButtonCaption The caption to use for the Open or Save button.
Method DoModalOpen Opens the dialog to choose data.
Method DoModalSave Opens the dialog to save data.
Read-only property FinalLocation The dialog's final location.
Read-only property InternalCatalog The catalog object used internally by the GxDialog.
Read/write property Name The text in the Name text box (only for DoModalSave).
Read/write property ObjectFilter The object filter.
Write-only property RememberLocation Indicates if the dialog should use the final location as the next starting location. True, by default.
Read-only property ReplacingObject Indicates if an object already exists with the name supplied by the user, and is being replaced.
Write-only property StartingLocation The dialog's starting location. This can be an IGxObject or a text-string containing the full name of an object.
Write-only property Title The dialog's title.

CoClasses that implement IGxDialog

CoClasses and Classes Description
GxDialog Provides access to GX browser dialog.


If you are writing an application in Visual C++ that creates/uses a GxDialog object, the application needs to call ::OleInitialize() instead of ::CoInitialize() prior to creating the GxDialog.

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