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IAnnotateLayerProperties Interface

Provides access to members that work with the display of dynamic labels (text) for a feature layer.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.

When To Use

The IAnnotateLayerProperties interface maintains the labeling properties for a feature layer. You can use this interface to define the display of dynamic labels (text) along features.


Read/write property AddUnplacedToGraphicsContainer Indicates if overflow labels are put into a graphics container.
Read/write property AnnotationMaximumScale The maximum scale at which to display annotation.
Read/write property AnnotationMinimumScale The minimum scale at which to display annotation.
Read/write property Class The class name.
Read/write property CreateUnplacedElements Indicates if unplaced elements are created.
Read/write property DisplayAnnotation Indicates if the layer displays annotation.
Read/write property Extent The extent to perform labeling in.
Read/write property FeatureLayer The annotated feature class.
Read/write property FeatureLinked Indicates if the text is feature linked.
Read/write property GraphicsContainer The output graphics container for placed labels.
Read/write property LabelWhichFeatures The type of features labeled.
Read/write property Priority Priority for labels of this feature class (0 is highest).
Read/write property UseOutput Indicates if the output will be used.
Read/write property WhereClause SQL where clause that determines which features are labeled.

CoClasses that implement IAnnotateLayerProperties

CoClasses and Classes Description
LabelEngineLayerProperties A container for the properties of feature labels.
MaplexLabelEngineLayerProperties Properties that specify the labeling of a layer and conversion of labels to annotation.


Each FeatureLayer can have one or more LabelEngineLayerProperties associated with it. These are exposed in the ArcMap user interface as label classes and a reference to these properties can be obtained from the IAnnotateLayerPropertiesCollection interface.  IAnnotateLayerProperties is used to access and modify the labeling properties of a label class of a FeatureLayer.

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