ArcObjects Library Reference (Animation)  

IAGKeyframe Interface

Provides access to keyframes of animated objects.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Read/write property ActiveProperties The combination of active properties.
Read-only property AnimationType The animation type.
Method Apply Apply to the object the active properties of the keyframe.
Method CaptureProperties Copy the properties from the object to the keyframe.
Method Interpolate Interpolates the values of an object property for a time between this keyframe and the next (time is in [0,1]).
Read/write property IsActiveProperty Indicates if an animation property is active.
Read/write property Name The name of the keyframe.
Read-only property ObjectNeedsRefresh Indicates if the object must be refreshed after interpolating its state.
Read/write property PropertyValue The value of a typed property.
Method RefreshObject Recreates the object after its properties have been interpolated.
Read/write property TimeStamp The time stamp (in the interval 0-1).

CoClasses that implement IAGKeyframe

CoClasses and Classes Description
Bookmark3D (esri3DAnalyst) The 3D bookmark coclass.
GlobeCameraKeyframe (esriGlobeCore) The keyframe for globe camera animation.
GlobeLayerKeyframe (esriGlobeCore) The keyframe for globe layer animation.
LayerKeyframe (esri3DAnalyst) The Esri LayerKeyframe coclass.
MapLayerKeyframe The keyframe for map layer animation.
MapViewKeyframe The keyframe for view animation.
SceneKeyframe (esri3DAnalyst) The scene keyframe coclass.
TimeKeyframe Time keyframe object.
TimeLayerKeyframe Time layer keyframe object.


A keyframe stores a snapshot of the properties of an animation object at a given moment. When an animation is played, keyframes are interpolated and applied to the animation objects to create the dynamic visual effect.

.NET Snippets

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.NET Samples

Visualizing the camera path while animating (Code Files: VisualizeCameraPath) | Layer effects animation in ArcMap (Code Files: MapLayerEffectsKeyframe) | Move a graphic along a path in ArcMap (Code Files: AnimationUtils MapGraphicKeyframe)

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