ArcObjects Library Reference (Animation)  

IAGAnimationType Interface

Provides access to the animation type objects.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Read-only property AnimationClass The class of the animation type.
Read-only property AnimationObjectByID The animated object with the given ID.
Read-only property AnimationObjectID The ID (index) of the given object among those of its animation type.
Read-only property AnimationObjectName The name of the given object for animation purposes.
Read-only property AppliesToObject Indicates if the animation type applies to a specific object.
Read-only property CLSID The class ID of the animation type.
Read-only property KeyframeCLSID The class ID of the associated keyframe, or 0 if it has none.
Read-only property Name The name of the animation type.
Read-only property ObjectArray The array of objects of this type.
Read-only property PropertyCount The number of properties that can be animated.
Read-only property PropertyName The name of the properties that can be animated.
Read-only property PropertyType The type of the properties that can be animated.
Method ResetObject Resets the state of the object, preparing it for animation.
Method UpdateTrackExtensions Creates or modifies extensions of the given track when its type is assigned or objects are attached/detached.

CoClasses that implement IAGAnimationType

CoClasses and Classes Description
AnimationTypeCamera (esri3DAnalyst) The Camera Animation Type coclass.
AnimationTypeGlobeCamera (esriGlobeCore) The globe camera animation coclass.
AnimationTypeGlobeLayer (esriGlobeCore) The globe layer animation coclass.
AnimationTypeLayer (esri3DAnalyst) The Layer Animation Type coclass.
AnimationTypeMapLayer The map layer animation coclass.
AnimationTypeMapView The map view animation coclass.
AnimationTypeScene (esri3DAnalyst) The Scene Animation Type coclass.
AnimationTypeTime Animation Type Time Object.
AnimationTypeTimeLayer Animation Type Time Layer.


An animation type object provides information for a given animation type. For each animation track, an animation type has to be specified. You can get the animated property names and types of each animation type through the PropertyName() and PropertyType() members found on this interface.

The following tables list the animated property names and types for the out-of-the-box animation types in ArcMap:

Properties animated in a map view animation:
Property Name Type
0 View Extent of a Map IEnvelope
Properties animated in a map layer animation:
Property Name Type
0 Visibility of Layer(s) Boolean
1 Transparency of Layer(s) Integer
Properties of a time layer animation keyframe:
Property Name Type
0 Time Date
1 Interval Double
2 Units Long

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