ArcObjects Library Reference (Output)  

esriPDFExtensionSecurityPermission Constants

PDF extension security permissions.

Constant Value Description
esriPDFExtensionSecurityPermissionNone 0 No permissions
esriPDFExtensionSecurityPermissionOpen 1 Allows to open PDF document.
esriPDFExtensionSecurityPermissionSecure 2 Allows to change PDF document's security.
esriPDFExtensionSecurityPermissionPrint 4 Allows to print PDF document in low quality.
esriPDFExtensionSecurityPermissionEdit 8 Allows to edit PDF document.
esriPDFExtensionSecurityPermissionCopy 16 Allows to copy information from PDF document.
esriPDFExtensionSecurityPermissionEditNotes 32 Allows to edit text notes.
esriPDFExtensionSecurityPermissionFillAndSign 256 Allows to fill in or sign existing form or signatures.
esriPDFExtensionSecurityPermissionAccessible 512 Enable's the Accessibility API.
esriPDFExtensionSecurityPermissionDocAssembly 1024 Allows to insert/delete/rotate pages and create bookmark and thumbnail.
esriPDFExtensionSecurityPermissionHighPrint 2052 Allows High quality printing.
esriPDFExtensionSecurityFormSpawnTempl 131072 Allows page template spawning even if Edit and EditNotes are clear.
esriPDFExtensionSecurityPermissionAll -268435457 Enable permission for everything.
esriPDFExtensionSecurityPermissionAllMaster 2108

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.