ArcObjects Library Reference (Output)  

IFontMapEnvironment Interface

Provides access to members that control the Font Mapping Environment.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Read/write property ApplyDefaultMappingDesc The Font Mapping checkbox description string.
Read/write property DefaultMapping The Default Font Mapping string.
Read/write property DefaultMappingsChoices The Default Mapping Choices for Font Substitution.
Read-only property FontMapCollection The FontMap Collection.
Read/write property SaveMappings Indicates whether to save font mappings.

CoClasses that implement IFontMapEnvironment

CoClasses and Classes Description
FontMapEnvironment A global collection of font mapping settings.
PDFDriver Superseded by ExportPDF. Class used to print maps with the PDF (Portable Document Format) driver.
PDFExporter Superseded by ExportPDF. Provides access to the PDF (Portable Document Format) exporter.
PsExporter Superseded by ExportPS. Class used to export maps to EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) format.
PsPrinter Class used to print maps with the PostScript Printer Driver.


The IFontMapEnvironment interface tracks the collection of FontMap objects that have been defined and allows for additional settings for the
default font mapping to use with the PostScript driver. Use this interface when you want to control the set of fonts used by the PostScript driver. The FontMapCollection property returns a collection object to allow the developer to add and remove FontMap objects. Since the
FontMapCollection property is read-only, you cannot create your own FontMapCollection object; you must instead manipulate the existing one.


The ArcMap application sets up a default list of font mappings whenever a PostScript Printer is selected.  ArcObjects developers are responsible for setting this up themselves.  See the example code for a demonstration of how to do this.